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Our Story

Ken Whiddon
Founder, AmericanWork

AmericanWork was founded Ken Whiddon. Ken suffered from bipolar disorder from early adulthood. He cycled in and out of psychiatric hospitals for 10 years.

Throughout that time, he expressed a desire to work. However, he was told multiple times that he was too sick to work and the best he could hope for was to remain on disability the rest of his life.

Still, Ken persisted in his pursuit of employment, as he viewed work as a path to recovery. He returned to school and later secured an internship at a community mental health center. He then obtained a job at a day service center and went on to serve 10 years in direct service and, later, management positions in community mental health centers.

He eventually served as a Regional Administrator for Georgia’s former Division of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse. He left that job when he decided that he could have a greater impact as a provider of service. He wanted to bring together “public” agency commitment to service and the advantage of private sector business structure and flexibility. He secured an initial contract to provide Supported Employment to assist individuals with mental illness in finding employment and the company was founded in 1999. He named the company AmericanWork, as he wanted the phrase “I can work” within the name.

This was both a reflection of the initial service provided as well as a personal testament.

Even though Ken Whiddon passed away in 2017, his legacy of providing quality, recovery-driven services continues. Today, AmericanWork offers a wide variety of treatment services to help individuals reach their recovery goals.

Our Mission

Improving the lives of people by inspiring personal growth, health and wellness.

Our Core Values


We listen to all perspectives without judgment and stand stronger together.


​We value a culture that is inclusive of all perspectives and promotes diversity at all levels.


We set high standards for ourselves and the services we provide by promoting ethical and honest conduct every step we take.


We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services in an open, ethical, inclusive and positive environment.


We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes.


We join the people we serve on their personal journey and partner with them as they plan each step along the way.


We work as a team to accomplish common goals by welcoming each individual’s unique perspective and expertise. 

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